Who am I?

If you are looking for an artist statement full of fancy and meaningless words, please stop reading now, I’m not your guy! I am however a hard working, motivated and dedicated autodidact photographer. I’m Swedish living in Switzerland for a total of 12 years now. A member of The Swiss Association for Contemporary Photography NEAR and represented by the Swiss photographer agency 13 Photo AG. My roots are in street photography but nowadays I mostly work on short- and long-term photo documentaries. My camera gives me a reason to explore new places and forces me to challenge the introvert in me. My method is flash, because I want the viewer to see everything, no hiding, no guessing.


The Swiss - ISBN 978-3-85881-529-3


Nominee - Nordic Dummy Awards 2016 (The Swiss)
Finalist - The Royal Photographic Society 159th Intl. Print Exhibition
Shortlisted - Vienna Photo Book Review 2016 (The Swiss)
Shortlisted - Athens Photo Festival 2016
Finalist - KOLGA Award 2014
Finalist - ewz selection - Swiss Photo Award 2013
Portfolio Excellence Award - Black & White Magazine


Der Spiegel
GEO Wissen
Tages Anzeiger
NZZ am Sonntag
Uni Spiegel
Millionär Magazine
The FIFA Weekly
FIFA 1904 Magazine
Foreign Affairs Festival Berlin

Solo Exhibition

Puff - Gallery 13 Photo, Zurich

Group Exhibitions

The Royal Photographic Society Intl. Print Exhibition - Traveling exhibition
Photo15 - Zurich
13 Photo at the Photo Bastei - Zurich
Photo14 - Zurich
Miami Street Photography Festival 2012
Photo13 - Zurich

Thank you Paolo Dutto for this photo!

Thank you Paolo Dutto for this photo!

I am making fun of myself. Maybe it doesn’t look like that, because there’s another person in front of the camera, but to some extent that person is me
— Alec Soth
The camera is my entrance-ticket. It is also my way of clarifying what is going on. Finally it’s a way of passing on this new-found experience to others
— David Hurn
Most photographers do not have the ability to record the event as it is. They take the easy option, the visual cliché.
— David Hurn
You need obsession, dedication and balls. Get out there while you still can
— Martin Parr